Buyer Behavior has changed… Has your marketing?

The old marketing playbook is BROKEN.

Marketing is in constant change. Strategies we used to know, no longer produce the outcome your company needs. Direct Marketing is no longer bringing results and it’s hurting your business and that is something no one can truly afford. Now, customers are replacing direct mail with TV On-demand, Online TV and video channels because they have become more visual. Telemarketing is now obsolete as well. So now you need to take measures before you lose another potential client.


Skip TV Ads


from email


of direct mail is
never opened

200 Millions

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Do Not Call list

Traditional Marketing


Inbound Marketing


Traditional Marketing

Cold Calling | Cold Emails (SPAM) |Interruptive Ads

Marketer – Centric

Marketing is not what we used to know. People around the world are doing business in a completely different way. We have come from restricted product offering environment where you only purchase from known and recognized brands, brands you trust. Our business environment changed to more flexible hours with the use of Internet world increasing the ability to look for the products and services you need.


SEO | Blogging | Attraction

Customer – Centric

Today, our business world is anything but limited. In order to have a successful business, hours of work have no restriction, and with the access smartphones and mobile devices give, staying connected is not a matter of where but why. People have the power to choose your company, and they need to know why they should choose you.



  • BEFORE: Sales rep. used to control 100% of the sales process. 100%
  • Buyer: Relatively uninformed.
  • Buyer Journey: Linear.
  • Marketing Playbook: Interrupt (cold calls and advertising).
  • Sales Process: It was control completely by Sales Rep.


  • TODAY: 70% of the sales process is control by buyers 70%
  • Buyer: Well-informed.
  • Buyer Journey: Fluid and random. Starts with Google.
  • Marketing Playbook: Thought leadership through content creation.
  • Sales Process: 70% of the sales process is control by the buyer.

Is Your Website Ready for Today’s Market Place?


One Way to get to your website

Static eBrochure Website

In today’s market, competition is fierce. It is not enough to provide a good product and good customer service. Customers want to love what they buy from you. Whether is a service or product, customers are no longer loyal to brands but to their senses and feelings, so loving what you have to offer is the only way to acquire their loyalty.


Many ways to attract and connect with your prospects

Inbound HUB Website

Inbound Marketing allows those options that are more relevant to the consumers’ needs are visible in a vast world on information, connecting their purchasing intentions with your product or service. Blogs highlight information about industries, products, services, and everything related to your audience’s needs. a blog may not ask for the sale, but it will answer the audience’s questions and cater to their needs. In today’s market, your business goals will be met if they’re aligned with consumers’ needs.

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