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OnFocux is a dynamic team with a clear purpose: “Build a remote company to improve people’s life”

We believe that people could work more efficiently in their own environment. Instead of wasting 2 hours in traffic, they could spend that time in a more productive manner, creating less pollution and improving their life.

What We Do?
We help small and medium size companies to solve marketing or sales challenges with inbound marketing

If you want to learn more about the inbound marketing world, this is your place. We are looking for growth-oriented, creative, helpful, and positive people ready to excel in their careers.

OnFocux Core Values

  • Integrity in all areas – We not only expect integrity from our customers, partners or friends. We as a team demonstrate integrity in all that we do.
  • Get things done (Reliability) – Our team members don’t wait for a followup email or call to “get things done”. They understand what, how and when things need to get done before taking any task while paying attention to every necessary detail.
  • Ability to adapt and adjust – Change is a great factor in today’s environment. We must be ready to adapt and adjust in order to make the difference.



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