What is Inbound Marketing?

Create and Improve your results by converting a potential prospects into customer using 4 stages

What is the Inbound Marketing Methodology?


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61% of Global Internet Users Research Products Online before making a purchase decision”

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the act of attracting new customers to a business and converting them into promoters of that business, product, service, or idea. It’s the idea of creating content of different types to attract someone who might be interested in your product or services and through knowledge, creating loyalty towards your brand and your company. Providing content that answers important questions for your customers will allow them to trust you freely, without obligating them to pay for these answers. Creating content that is invaluable to them and sharing it in a variety of ways and channels will gravitate casual readers and turn them into faithful consumers of such information. the key in inbound marketing is not only based on the content, but on the delivery. Being present in platforms already used by your potential customers and inviting them to your website for more information, more free content, more answers to their questions are all strategies used in inbound marketing. This content you’re providing is also being presented in ways that are appealing to your potential customers according to their individual needs. On our side, we integrate content publishing tools with analytics tools, to focus on measuring effectiveness of content to turn readers into loyal consumers for your product or service.

Why Inbound Marketing?

By Creating content that caters to your potential customer, sharing it in a way that appeals to them, and in a timely manner so as to not overwhelm them or discourage them from receiving such information, you will service your customers and create long-lasting loyalty. That is what inbound marketing is. As opposed to popular methods prior to 2006 like buy ads space and/or email lists, inbound drives traffic to your website organically through content that is tailored for and appealing to your desired audience. It is about putting building blocks together that make up a society of consumption that favors everyone. Your customers naturally want to have access to your product and information, and by making it accessible through variable channels and at no cost, you will be building a connection that will make regular readers into loyal consumers, without gimmicks. Over time the audience will go through the different stages of inbound marketing and go from mere readers, into promoters of your brand, all done through natural human and online interaction. This new era of marketing is filled with proven techniques and little guessing, all based on what has always worked, interaction and trust of potential customers to quality brands.

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Average Cost Per Lead with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing works, but just how well? Our partner HubSpot surveyed over 3,500 marketing and sales professionals across the globe to develop a comprehensive report that shows the impact inbound marketing has had on their businesses. We’ve taken 10 powerful charts from this report to share with you.

Inbound marketing employs four critical stages which need to be performed in order to capture and retain customers. These activities are executed so that the occurrence of one activity sets precedence to the next one. These activities are:

Attract >> Strangers

This is the first step of inbound marketing. It is the act of getting potential customers to view a business site. It involves the setting up of a quality blog where people can get their questions answered and clarifications are made. This ensures that they develop interest as they continue to interact with the seller via the blog. Attraction of customers also calls for the establishment of a good social web presence where potential customers view the brand being marketed. They then develop interest and become a part of a business. The provision of essential information is paramount in attraction of customers. Good wording and description of products online should be practiced because customers want to know what a business offers before they make orders and become part of it.

Convert >> Visitors

This stage involves the collection of contact information of potential customers. A marketer is interested in getting this information because it’s crucial in communicating with these customers. This can be achieved by use of forms that a user can fill so as to become part of the business by giving feedback. A landing page should also be provided in the site so that when a visitor opens the website is prompted to leave their information on such a page. A successful conversion of visitors to customers ensures that the next stage of closing is transitioned to smoothly.


Close >> Leads

To close means to entice a visitor using the information that was collected. This involves following up on them. You can use an email which will explain to them the offers your business currently has, or you can attach to it a newsletter they downloaded when they visited the site. This should be done repeatedly so that the visitor can be convinced to become part of your business.

Delight >> Customers

This is a follow up step after the successful closure of a customer. This is the show of appreciation to a visitor who has finally become a customer. It can be done by constantly improving customer products so that they remain satisfied. This ensures that the customers are retained and they finally attract other people to the business.

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