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“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats” – Sue Grafton

Marketing is What You Do

Internet marketing is what we do for you

There is so much to marketing. You know that; you live it, love it, breathe it, keep up with it, and so much more. And sometimes all that you do is not enough, it never feels like it is. No matter how much you read, how many workshops you attend, or how much you strategize, it never seems to be enough. We understand that and it is the reason we exist. Understating how wide and varied marketing is drove us to specialize in internet marketing and dive into content marketing. We are that extra set of hands, your content marketing agency, and in us you find all the help you need in terms of content marketing. We help connect all that you do offline with rich content in all your marketing efforts online so that the strategies connect and increase in efficiency so your burden is less and the results are far greater than before. It is sad to see today that 47% of marketers may not know marketing-generated leads as a metric, and if they do, they are able to close less than 4% of those leads. We know that statistic can be different for you with our help.

6 Marketing Metrics That Needs Your Attention

Marketing Key Metrics

47% of marketers may not know marketing-generated leads as a metric


Blogging Drives Traffic

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links


Content Is Key To Open The Doors To New Clients

We provide the key and walk you through the threshold to a new world of opportunities

Content marketing is an ongoing conversation with current and potential customers. It is both the art and the science of providing information to your audience without the pressure of a sale, while still gaining their trust and loyalty. It is marketing uninterrupted. It is strategically creating more knowledgeable consumers of your product or service, and in that knowledge creating a customer activity that both profitable for you and the consumer. Traditional marketing is no longer the answer to attract new and ongoing business, technology now allows consumers to avoid undesired marketing and advertising. Content marketing provides information in a timely, desirable, controlled manner. It drives to make the consumer smarter about its consumption of said product or service, without a “buy here” sign attached to it. By investing in content marketing, your business is in essence curating customers in order to help them make better purchasing decisions and allowing them the liberty, in said knowledge, to choose you over your competitors. They have chosen to listen to you and trust you, and therefore you know the targeted content WILL be received and consumed, as opposed to the gamble game of traditional marketing. Is a well though out conversation about a mutual topic of interest between you, your potential and current customers.

Learn About the Method We Use to Put All In Contex

Centralizing Marketing Activities

Without automatization software, the chaos will only grow

Part of your work doesn’t have to be going crazy trying to maintain control of all your efforts. Overseeing every marketing effort can be overwhelming and keep you from truly going after more important tasks. This is where automation technology comes into play. Automation software in conjunction to content marketing not only delivers your content for you how you desire, but it delivers pertinent information to make better marketing decisions over time. That’s why it is expected that by 2015, automation technology will increase by 50% according to Sirius Decisions. It hold come as to no surprise since, thanks to Focus Research, we know that marketing automation has seen the fastest growth in the last five year of any other CRM-related segment. This means that whether it is a blog, social media, email marketing, landing pages, Calls-to-action, they have the ability to be automized and are measurable. Forrester Research indicates that companies that nurture leads can produce 50% more sales-ready leads, lowering cost by 33%. Marketing automation technology will establish successful content marketing campaigns and will provide information that you can use, information that matters in regards to what you may need to change and what is working. Content marketing works best when you use marketing automation technology and not using will only cost you more in the long run.

This is what it takes!

These is how much you will have to work in order to execute all basic marketing activities. You will need 76 hours per week to keep all your marketing activities running. This is  about15.5 hours per day.

  • Offers, Content, Campaigns & Strategic | 20 Hrs. x Week 50%
  • SEO, Social Media & Email Marketing | 24 Hrs. x Week 60%
  • Landing Pages & CTAs | 12 Hrs. x Week 30%
  • Analyzing, Reporting & Office Task | 20 Hrs. x Week 50%

Internet Marketing Experience

A plan isn’t effective on the paper it’s drafted but on the numbers it yields


The Plan

 “A vision without execution is an hallucination.”
Jeffrey E. Garten

Content marketing is extensive and yet punctual. We can craft a great marketing plan, but if it’s not what your company needs, we will still fail at helping you grow. This is why we have taken the time to learn and grow ourselves, so that we can provide your business with not just knowledge, but our experience. It is what allows us to understand that your business is like no other and it needs a uniquely crafted content marketing plan that will give your company the growth it needs, and the ability to reach the clients you have been trying to attract. That is what makes us the premier Hispanic content marketing agency.

We Execute the Plan

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

As a Content Marketing Agency we understands the current demands of internet marketing. We evaluate which technology trends are the most appropriate to our client’s market. We don’t just follow the trends and implement because they are becoming popular, we use technology that works, and we make it work for our clients. We analyze, create and execute an entire plan, from beginning to end, to fit the specific needs of your business. For us, is not a one-model-fits-all way of working. We know event he best internet marketing strategies out there won’t work if they are not what your business needs. Internet marketing is extensive and yet punctual.

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