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Content Management System - CMS

A content management system allow you to manage your website without any coding knowledge making more easy to publishing, editing, deleting, modifying and organizing content. You will have access to all your website pages, blog post, images and comments on your administration section. This will give you more flexibility to act quickly on any update and saving you money by not requiring a web designer or web developer.

Mobile Responsive Design

85% of the internet user get connected using different mobile devices. If your website is not adapting to all of this mobile devices you could be losing visitor and new customers. A responsive website automatically adapts to the actual user screen size. There are four mayors screen size the widescreen desktop monitor, the laptop, the tablet, and the mobile phone.

Search Engine Optimized - SEO

Search engine optimization is the process in which including special keywords your website become visible by search engines organically. This process is a priority for any website project without it will make very difficult for prospects to find you on mayor search engines such us Google, Yahoo, or Bing. A website without the proper search engine optimization will be like a stack of brochures sitting in your desk.

Web Design Services

We will help you design a website that is customized to fit the requirements of your customers. We have help business to develop a solid web tool! Not only focusing on launching a cutting edge graphic tool but identifying your needs and goals for your website. Account Manager, designer, and developer, will identify what is the best strategy to generate visit, and qualifying leads. In order to create an effective website is important to have a good foundation. Your website should be designed in a manner such that it attracts and temps customers to become part of your business. We have created a process with four stages to successfully create and deliver your website.

OnFocux Website Design Miami

Web Design Process

Explore Your Ideal Website

Every organization is different and their website are not the exception. If is your first time developing a website or you want to redesign the actual one. It is important identify the propose of the site in your organization. Remember a website is just a an extension of your organization that helps you to to communicate with your prospects, visitors and customers. People will not only buy because your website is a Cutting-Edge Visual tool. They are coming to you because they are looking to fulfilled a need for a product/service or an specific answer to their problem.

Set Specific Goals & Requirements

After we have explore your website is now a priority to define clear goals and requirement. Ask yourself why visitors are contacting you. Do you want to sell products online? Do you want to inform about your product or services? Do you going to offer a membership? We will evaluate your target customers and offer advice accordingly. Then we will define the specific goals for your website. This will be the blue print for the project. We will make suggestions base on those requirement to create a website that will attract customers easily and make them become part of the business. This website should speak to your customers and you should be able to get their feedback.

Website Development & Interface Integration

Now we understand the goals and requirement for the website. So, it is time to develop the frame and structure of the website. We will defying the site map which a index of all pages we will create on the website. We put in integrate the functionality with the interface frame required to manage the site. OnFocux has 10 plus years of experience creating web design and developing websites with the latest CMS (Content Management Systems) including WordPress, HubSpot and different e-commerce platforms.

In Content Writing & SEO Service

As soon as the website framework is ready for use, then we will help you enter the desired content which will automatically attract customers. You will provide your desired content to OnFocux and it will be entered for you. We can also help you with the website content writing base on the goals and discuss on stage two and we will optimized your site page for search engines. Giving your site the possibility to be found by your prospects.

Launching & Delivery

We will also carry out a test on the website so as to be sure it is in order. We will help you make any changes that might be needed at this stage. We will launch the website so that it is visible to the public. OnFocux will be there to guide you until the website gets into operation.

Website Redesign Service

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