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Most flight schools struggle to find a person that can create integrated marketing campaigns to attract potential student pilots to meet marketing and business goals. We offer a dedicated team who can help you optimize your recruitment process and helps flight schools to position themselves as ‘first’ in the mindset of their potential student pilots.

New Students are the BLOOD for any Flight School

Your flight school has the airplanes, classrooms and the staff ready to train those pilots. But, no matter what, generating new student pilots is a priority every day and without them, it’s almost impossible to keep running a healthy flight school.

You want to grow or scale you flight school. You want to fill those cockpits with more students in the left seat every enrollment term. However, you don’t know what’s the first step to get closer to your goal. We have found 3 most common recruitment problems among flight schools.

Problem #1: Potential pilots falls into the cracks

Your flight school gets leads (contacts) from your website, email, phone calls, school fairs, aviation shows, walk-ins, referrals (word of mouth) and more; but those leads are getting trapped on your email inbox, notepads, phone contacts, and spreadsheets.


  • It’s hard for admissions to follow up with potential student pilots
  • Leads fall into the cracks and it is difficult to understand where the potential student is and how to help him to get closer to enrollment
  • It is difficult to measure the results and to understand what marketing activities are generating more leads and enrolled students

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Problem #2: Good traffic but low conversion rates

Your flight school is generating good traffic to your website but you would like to increase your student lead conversion.


  • You are using Google Adwords, or GroupOn to increase the traffic but you would like to have more enrollment for every spent
  • A lot of student prospects fill the “contact us” form in your website but just enroll a few of those contacts
  • The flight school staff waste a lot of time talking with not qualifying prospects
  • Would like to increase the quantity and quality of students leads

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Problem #3: Lack of a nurturing process to enroll more students

Your flight school has implemented a CRM (Contacts Relation Management) to manage the student leads (contacts), trying to improve the whole process from top to bottom. However, instead it is creating a burden on your staff decreasing the chances to enroll more students.


  • It is hard to keep up with the CRM update and requires too much effort by your admission staff to manually enter the information in the system
  • You get many leads but your staff don’t know what leads to contact first and which ones are more qualified to enroll in your program
  • How are we going to nurture the leads to get them closer to enrollment?

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Flight School Marketing Checkup

Inbound Marketing Checkup

How effective is your marketing plan?

The Marketing Checkup will give you a score based on your actual strategy. It will help you to align your marketing efforts with your goals, we built this marketing planning template that you can download for free.

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OnFocux Full Flight School Marketing Solution

We’re not a cookie cutter company! Our 360 marketing solution is specially designed for your flight school to close the gaps in your recruitment process. This will help you to manage your staff more efficiently and to eliminate bottlenecks constraining your flight school growth.


  • Increase the awareness of your flight school by getting in front of more potential pilots
  • Convert more qualifying students increasing your enrollment rates and admission staff productivity
  • Create authentic and compelling marketing campaigns to position the flight school and nurture potential pilots to get them closer to the enrollment stage
  • Manage your recruitment process in a single centralized database integrated with a CRM
  • Get visual dashboards with real time data that helps you analyze the pulse of your flight school

Flight School Marketing Results – Case Study

Wayman Moves From Disjointed Student Acquisition Efforts to Inbound Marketing

Wayman Aviation had always been aware of inbound marketing, but never had a dedicated team capable for executing it properly. Operationally, they leveraged Insightly (CRM) but struggled with to see ROI as student prospects continuously fell through the cracks. After revealing their marketing challenges to OnFocux, Wayman decided to commit to inbound and hand over the reigns to this experienced marketing agency.

And here are the results after just 12 months.

Wayman American Flight Training

About Wayman Aviation

Over the last 30 years, Wayman Aviation has developed into one of the premier Flight Training institutions in South Florida partnering with Miami-Dade College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, and Pan Am Academy. They offer a full career prep for FAA certification, to college careers, type ratings, and flow through to airlines such as Sky West and Silver Airways.

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