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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein

Smart Marketing is About Value

We know and understand that value is the new standard in internet marketing because smart marketing IS about value. Smart Marketing today is not about the products your company sells, because the market is flooded with companies that provide the same products or service. So what will make people choose you? Value, the value you present to others, the value we give your marketing efforts, the value we provide in your internet marketing plan, which all results in a value that potential customers see in choosing you over anyone else. We make sure that the clear message you want to send out gets out there, to the right people.

Cost vs. Value

We work with our service providers to offer you, our priority, with the latest technology available in the market. Today more than ever all clients out there are looking for value as opposed to cost. We know that true value does not derive from a dollar sign. It is not what you have to pay but whether that investment brings the results you look for. It is not enough to create a marketing tool, to implement it just because it has worked before. You need value, functionality, and make it attractive for search engines, visitors and customers.


We were now adding value to each of those elements, so our clients’ efforts had a positive result in the company’s bottom line. After we saw endless positive results for every one of our clients and we were able to create value-adding tools, we decided to become a certified inbound marketing agency, ready to serve our business community. For us is about your marketing efforts are effective without the tangles of strategies, plans, processes, and a clear need and partnership from your part that benefits your marketing needs and your business growth, using us as your leverage. Today, as a internet marketing miami agency, we assist companies in reaching their marketing goals with value-generating smart marketing plans and strategies. We provide value to companies’ goals and overall growth strategies.


OnFocux was founded in 2003 in Miami, FL. As a family company, OnFocux was first established to provide graphic and website solutions, and print services. Focused on companies’ branding needs, we worked with local non-profits, marketing professionals, and small businesses owners throughout the U.S. and Latin America. When we realized how limited our services were in comparison to our clients’ needs, we transitioned to provide internet marketing solutions, becoming a premier internet marketing agency in Miami. We moved no from simply designing a logo, business card, or creating a website from start to finish. We were now adding value to each of those elements, so our clients’ efforts had a positive result in the company’s bottom line.

Smart Marketing Knowledge is the Difference From a Great Plan and Noticeable Results

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

We Understand the Internet Marketing Game

We have the knowledge your business needs in order to succeed. Your business cannot afford to continue to look at marketing like it did yesterday. We have taken the time to understand internet marketing, study the current and growing trends in internet marketing, and can identify what works for each one of our clients. Our knowledge base, certifications with HubSpot and Google, and our years of experience, give us an advantage all businesses need. We know how to tailor plans to your business’ needs.

We're Playing Better

We have test and verify how internet marketing has changed the course and goal achievements for our company and those of our clients. We understand the sales funnel process and how adjust it to your business. We implement complete smart marketing plans, not isolated strategies, so all efforts are in tune and work harmoniously to give your business the growth and exposure it desires. Our knowledge base allows us to create tools that add value and purpose to your business. When you have us as your inbound marketing agency, you can lose care for whether or not your smart marketing plan is being executed and creating the momentum you hope for your business and sales growth.

Internet Marketing Consultants

We are passionate about life and how to make the difference


Jonathan Osorio - Online Marketing Consultant

Jonathan Osorio | Co-Founder & Business Development

He is passionate about flying, sports, and family. He enjoy to play and watch football with friends “football the game play with the foot”. He is responsible for helping clients to generate leads every month and coaching business owners how want to build and execute effective online marketing strategies. Jonathan has more than 10 years of experience in web development, and digital marketing.

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Marcela Orrego - Inbound Marketing Consultant

Marcela Orrego | Co-Founder & Marketing Consultant

Marcela is passionate about Volleyball and Sports. She love coffee and been out doors with friends and family. Always ready to help people! Creative a highly qualified Marketing Professional delivering profitable solutions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers, and build a solid corporate brand. Proven track record of productivity and diversity. Creating compelling online campaigns and marketing programs that accelerate business development.

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Internet Marketing Experience

A plan isn’t effective on the paper it’s drafted but on the numbers it yields


The Plan

 “A vision without execution is an hallucination.”
Jeffrey E. Garten

Internet marketing is extensive and yet punctual. We can craft a great marketing plan, but if it’s not what your company needs, we will still fail at helping you grow. This is why we have taken the time to learn and grow ourselves, so that we can provide your business with not just knowledge, but our experience. It is what allows us to understand that your business is like no other and it needs a uniquely crafted smart marketing plan that will give your company the growth it needs, and the ability to reach the clients you have been trying to attract. That is what makes us the premier Hispanic internet marketing agency.

We Execute the Plan

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Our company understands the current demands of digital marketing. We evaluate which technology trends are the most appropriate to our client’s market. We don’t just follow the trends and implement because they are becoming popular, we use technology that works, and we make it work for our clients. We analyze, create and execute an entire plan, from beginning to end, to fit the specific needs of your business. For us, is not a one-model-fits-all way of working. We know event he best Internet marketing strategies out there won’t work if they are not what your business needs. Internet marketing is extensive and yet punctual.

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